We strive to transform every job into value-added work and to achieve customer satisfaction that is measured in terms of improved quality, lead-time, and cost.

Initiatives are aligned with your long-term business objectives, conducted on the shop floor, and always for the betterment of customers and employees.

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It’s all about results.

Ydatum Operations Management Engineering, Inc. offers a unique leadership style of hands-on, shop-floor based teaching to create lasting solutions for our clients. Ydatum focuses on complex strategic and operational issues such as supply chain management, capital equipment and labor rationalization, plant layout, quality and yield improvement, change management, training and human development. Much of our formal training took place at the Toyota Supplier Support Center (TSSC, Inc.), where we spent years supporting automotive suppliers as well as other types of manufacturing.

Our clients represent diverse industries but they have all seen similar results. For example, one client reduced project costs from $15 million to $8 million dollars per system and reduced operational lead-time from eight to two months. Ydatum, Inc. helped another client reduce operational lead-time from four weeks to four days and lowered operational cost by 16% per year. A high-tech equipment device company reduced total operational lead-time from 24 days to three days, resulting in a make-to-order production system. Recent efforts have helped another company increase market supply by over 35%. Since 2000, the value that Ydatum has brought to its clients has exceeded $1 billion.

Olivier Larue is the President and founder of Ydatum, Inc. In addition to his vast consulting and lean experience, he has been a guest speaker for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and The University of California at Berkeley Engineering Department. Olivier developed a proprietary three-day seminar that he has taught around the world. Projects he worked on while at TSSC have been featured in Automotive News, Harvard Business Review and The Wall Street Journal, as well as other publications. To learn more, check out his profile on LinkedIn.

Ydatum Network

Ydatum has a highly skilled network of consultants that are able to service projects as needed. It's critical that the correct asset be allocated to the right opportunity for our clients, wherever they are located. In addition to an international network of highly skilled consultants, our partners and senior managers all have Toyota/TSSC backgrounds. This allows for consistency in approach while giving our clients maximum flexibility.

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