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The objective at Ydatum, to achieve lasting operational results for our clients in terms of quality, lead-time and cost to benefit people, organizations and the environment.

The challenge is, how do we achieve lasting results in a world that is rapidly changing and where products and services evolve very quickly?

Ydatum, Inc. develops people to become "deep, hands-on, pratical thinkers" and help organizations become "highly flexible and adaptive."

  1. People development:
    • Through hands-on work and a Socratic teaching method, we develop the skills in people to grasp current conditions quickly and deeply..
    • Using the latest and most advanced industrial engineering know-how, we develop the capability in people of making a clear and simple image of the ideal for every industrial situation.
    • Once motivated by the gap between the current and ideal conditions, we use tools, techniques, methods and human ingenuity to implement step-by-step countermeasures.
  2. Organizational development:
    • We create stability by separating "normal" from "abnormal," by scientifically solving problems, and by documenting the difference between creative work and standardized work.
    • We make tacit know-how explicit through reflection, communication and visual control
    • We develop work activities based on datum from which to reason, measure and evaluate (pass/fail, rhythm, and takt time when and where possible).

Coupled with the need for change, this approach yields greater human assets and higher organizational capability to meet evolving customer demand and expectations.


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