Suggested Reading

Basic thinking of TPS
- "Toyota Production System, Beyond Large-Scale Production" by Taiichi Ohno
- "Workplace Management" by Taiichi Ohno. Productivity Press, P.O. Box 3007, Cambridge, MA 02140. Tel: 617-497-5146

The management side of TPS
- "The Toyota Way by Jeffery K. Liker, Publication Mc Graw Hill 04.

Technical Application of TPS
- "Toyota Production System" by Yasuhiro Monden, 3nd edition. You can contact the Institute of Industrial Engineers, 3577 Parkway lane,  Suite 200,  Norcross, Georgia, 30092. Tel: 404-449-0460, fax 770-441-3295

Perspective on TPS
- "Lean Thinking" by J. Womack and D. Jones (available at most bookstores)
- "The machine that changed the world" by J. Womack and D. Jones (available at most bookstores)

Personal Writing and Translation
- "Reversed Thinking" Benjamin Coriat, Translated from French by Olivier H. Larue (Request at: Olarue@Ydatum.com)
- "Management Meetings" by Olivier H. Larue (Request at: Olarue@Ydatum.com)

The Classics
- "The Theory of Business Enterprise" by Thorstein Veblen (1904)
- "The Principles of Scientific Management" by Frederic W. Taylor (1911)
- "General and Indutrial Management" by henri Fayol (1916)
- "Today and Tomorrow" by Henry Ford
- " Economy and Society" by Max Weber (1922)
- "The Functions of the Executive" by Chester I. Barnard (1948)
- "The Management Practice" by Peter F. Drucker (1954)
- "The Human Side of Enterprise" by Douglas McGregor (1960)
- "Strategy and Structure" by Alfred D. Chandler (1962)
- "Competitive Strategy" by Micheal E. Porter (1980)

More books

- Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production System*
Author(s): Steven Spear; H. kent Bowen. Harvard Business Review, Oct 99

- Toyota Looks Back Ahead
Enquirer Business Coverage
Tuesday, May 23, 2000

- Why Toyota Wins Such High Marks On Quality Surveys
The Wall Street Journal
Thursday, March 15, 2001



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