Generally Ydatum offers the seminar for private companies who need to train more than 12 people. Class size can be as high as 21 participants. Beyond 21 participants an additional facilitator is necessary.

If you have the need for only one or fewer than 12 individulals please let us know. We will keep your name and inform you of any opportunities coming in the future.

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Advanced Lean/TPS Workshops

An intensive Lean workshop that actively demonstrates and transfers key concepts through hands-on work and problem-solving exercises. Attendees receive advanced working knowledge of Lean/TPS techniques as well as the management methods and philosophy necessary to achieve world-class implementation of Lean in their business.

“Olivier is a rare leader in the consulting world. I attended his seminar and was blown away. His knowledge is enviable and his teaching style very effective. He backs up all his information with facts and real life examples.”

Who Should Attend?

Individuals with an advanced understanding of Lean/TPS and/or those with at least five years of experience in leading and managing operations.

“This course was a very positive experience for me. It showed me a new method for problem solving. This format is one I am certain I will be able to use now and in the future. The simulations were excellent, a great way to learn.”


  • A step-by-step understanding of the activities necessary to plan, execute and manage a Lean supply chain operation;
  • A deep appreciation for the strategic nature of lead times;
  • A clear understanding of Jidoka;
  • Advanced knowledge of standardized work applications;
  • The ability to implement different types of pull systems;
  • A practical application of Heijunka;
  • The ability to diagnose operations using value stream mapping techniques;
  • The skills to implement and teach kaizen

“I have had the opportunity to experience lean and TPS training in many environments and different ways before. I have to say this has been the best of all experiences I have had so far. Great instructor, great material and great job! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.”

About the Instructor

Olivier Larue has 20 years of experience in the hands-on implementation of Lean/TPS. He joined the Toyota Supplier Support Center (TSSC, Inc.) following a successful consulting career in California’s Silicon Valley. Eventually Olivier decided to fuse his unique style of shop floor based teaching with his proficiency in TPS to create Ydatum Operations Management Engineering, Inc.

Mr. Larue is a guest lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley School of Engineering and has been a presenter for SME. His expertise includes Six-Sigma, Hoshin Kanri, and a proven ability to help companies achieve sustainable, system-wide improvements and customer satisfaction that is measured in terms of improved lead-time, quality and cost.

“I have heard all the words and read the definitions hundreds of times, but to live what they actually mean and how they fit together was invaluable. This was the best hands on training of Lean I have ever done.

Sample Agenda

8 am - 5 pm Wed.
8 am - 5 pm Thurs.
8 am – 3:30 pm

Day 1
Lean/TPS Basic Thinking
Simulation Setup
Continuous Flow
Standardized Work

Day 2
Pull System
Simulation First Run
Lean Operational Measurements

Day 3
Value Stream Mapping
Simulation Final Runs
Problem Solving

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