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  STEP I (Analysis) STEP II (Implementation) STEP III (Expansion)

- Grasp current condition
- Determine target condition
- Evaluate gap and develop plan

- Change the shop floor in a pilot area
Apply approach between design, manufacturing, engineering, supply chain management and distribution.

- Conduct Material Information Flow (MIF) or value stream mapping activities with selected participants.
- Select pilot area, establish sponsorship, leadership and participation at team level.
- Kick-off information sessions, formal training and/or seminar as requested.

- Formal hands-on shop floor improvements
- Participation from other areas (pull forward activities)
- Draft agenda prior to kaizen
- Conduct formal kaizen activity
- Report out and reflection on kaizen

Develop infrastructure for TPS company-wide
BENEFITS - Implement TPS based on business needs - Strong learning and tangible results - Sustain TPS long-term
DURATION 1 - 4 months with 5 - 10 support days per month 5 - 36 months with 60 - 120 support days per year (depends on project scope). 3 years plus with 30 to 60 support days / year

- Value Stream Maps (MIF) of initial and target condition
- Baseline performance
- Implementation time line and plan
- Implementation Team
- Hands-on shop floor activities

- Stability: increase operational availability
- Standardized Work: Increase quality
- Continuous Flow: reduce lead time
- Pull System: Increase flexibility
- Heijunka: Increase capital utilization

- Curriculum
- TPS office
- Strategic plans
- Network/membership
- Library of know-how

Based on our experience, although TPS * can technically be implemented in 6 to 7 months, changing and aligning the organization often takes longer. We understand that some organizations need more time than others to implement TPS, thus the time differences between project duration.

The size and scope of the pilot area will vary based on the company. However, 10 to 20 different finished goods, and 40 to 100 employees is typical. The amount of consulting days needed for a pilot area usually ranges from 140 to 225 days, depending on the leadership and commitment of the organization.

Beyond the pilot phase the organization should be able to pursue excellence in other areas using its own resources. A long-term cooperating relationship can be explored.



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