Ydatum offers services to enhance business results and human development.

Business results:

  • Using analytical tools that are both quantitative and qualitative, we help identify operational gaps. We then plan strategies and deploy operational methods to yield higher product quality, lower operational cost, and reduced lead time. Some of the tools and mehtods we employ include:
    • Score card and value stream map (MIF) to evaluate operational gaps
    • Hoshin / policy deployment and A3 thinking to strategy planning
    • Deployment may utilize several of the following:
      • Point and Root Cause Scientific Problem Solving (PDCA)
      • Process design (visual control, separating man and machine, production rhythm standardized work, SMED, 4's/5's, capacity flow, pull system)

Of course, human development is an essential adjunct to any successful TPS* initiative. Ydatum works intensively with your team on the shop floor and provides human development through:

    • One-on-one strategic and technical skill development
    • Training the trainer
    • A 3-day advanced TPS/Lean seminar with hands-on simulation


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